Provide creative art experiences to a diverse group of teens and youth, encourage leadership development skills and provide problem-solving skills through the use of mentors, apprentice, and real life experiences.

Many of the youth show interest in the arts. Creative art will give them many directions and opportunities to express themselves. Youth engaging other youth in the program becomes the youth's focus and the basis for handling future problems. The youth are taught to apply the problem-solving steps to every aspect of their daily lives and how to use journal writing as a method of further expressing their thoughts and feelings positively.

Community Impact


Youth are able to consider the consequences of their acitons and are able to consider a positive life plan for themselves.

Afterschool programs 

Creative arts

Our major focus is the total individual and the importance of exposure to all developmental domains. The environment plays an important part in our programming. 

4-H Program

Problem Solving

Throughout the year youth are given opportunities to focus on projects that interest them, they participate as team members and learn basic life skills, participate in national events and contests and may apply for 4-H scholarships for college, and they can receive special awards, ribbons, trophies, certificates, trips and more

Tuition and fees

Tuition and fees may apply based on programming. 4-H Club requires a nominal fee for yearly dues and memberships. Some activities may require fees.