TrY CAPS is a year-round program, offering programs after school and during the summer. Additionally, TrY CAPS is an active 4-H club member and participants have the opportunity to participate in a number of 4-H projects, trips, and activities throughout their time in the program.

After School Programs

After school programs meet weekly. Our major focus is the total individual and the importance of exposure to all developmental domains. The environment plays an important part in our programming.

Summer Programs 

For kids ages 6yrs and up. Our Camps are fun, and are based on the interest of our Kids. We don’t stop learning just because it’s summer time. It’s important that children continue to have a schedule, keep their routines, and continue to progress in their educational goals. That is why we run our summer camps with a variety of themes based on the needs and expectations of our kids, and the adults involved in the program. These summer camps generally run for 4 weeks at a time and are available on a first come first serve basis with priority given to youth enrolled in our TrY CAPS 4-H program.

4-H Program

Through the 4-H program, TrY CAPS students can participate in national events, trips, and contests. Students may also apply for 4-H scholarships for college. Students who participate in 4-H programs may receive special awards, ribbons, trophies, certificates, and more. Tuition and fees may apply for some 4-H activities and the 4-H Club requires a nominal fee for yearly dues and memberships.